Steph’s Stack

A part of my new becoming a writer process is immersing myself in a variety of book genres. For the past ten years I have attempted to read so many books but the sheer exhaustion of motherhood left me too overwhelmed and in a fog to make sense or even enjoy what I was reading. I used to spend my nights playing games on my phone until I had enough “me time”, a.k.a. “no one is touching me or wanting anything from me time”. This year I decided to delete all the game apps and ditch the phone in my nightly routine. Thanks to this handy dandy reading light I got for Christmas, I can finally read without disturbing my hubby!

So, here’s my January stack:

*On Christmas Avenue by Ginny Baird

*Save The Cat! Writes A Novel by Jessica Brody

*The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

*Atomic Habits by James Clear

Published by Stephanie Wiese

I write to find a place that envelopes people in a world of wonder, hope, possibility, joy, love, romance and peace. My stories give you a place of belonging. And, darling, you belong here.

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