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When the Words Won’t Flow

When life gives you lemons, mix them with club soda, add a little lime juice, and stick a sprig of mint in the glass. What you end up with is not just a refreshing drink. It’s something quite magical that defies logic. The same can be said for writing. When we get to a place…

Dip your toes or dive in?

I’ve always been a big idea planner but not a detail oriented planner. As a young teen I mapped out when I’d finish school, have a career, travel, get married, and have kids. I knew when but I had no clue how. I typically think of what I want, find a way to get/achieve it,…

Say it with me… Imposter Syndrome

I don’t like the way this sounds but I can sure relate. Oh, the joy and excitement I felt in saying the words, “I am a writer.” Such empowerment and pride and optimism. Then, the first time I sat down to my WIP, it hit me hard and fast. Who on earth wants to read…

Information overload

I am in the thick of trying to do things differently right now. I completed Atomic Habits and I have been using a habit tracker app to give me something tangible with the adjustments I’m making. Small, tiny adjustments meant to help me create a more manageable schedule (i.e. not wasting my time) to allow…


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Hi, I’m Stephanie. I write because I want to create a story you could see yourself in – one that makes you feels like you belong in it. Afternoon sun, the golden hour, dinner with friends, porch swings, baseball games, kissing – there’s so much to swoon over.

You belong here.
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