I have yet to complete a single piece of work. I have a list of characters that have come to me, relationships that I want to explore, several first chapters and even a couple of half way there pieces. So, why have I not completed anything? Many obvious reasons like graduate school, starting a new career, motherhood and all that jazz. The real reason, though, is I wasn’t sure my pieces would ever matter. Technically, I still don’t know that they will. What I do know is that I have a small gathering of family and friends that have been encouraging me to write and tell my stories.

So, it begs the question, why do I write? Belonging. I am relational and I am intrigued by how people find their place in life, love, relationships, careers and every other aspect that makes life worth living. As I think about the stories and characters I have in the works I notice their pulse beats for belonging just like me. A lot of the characters are strong and smart and have enough gumption to get them where they think they want to be and just when they are almost there, they waver on whether it’s what they really want, if they are worthy of what they have worked so hard for or if there could be something even better for them. What they’ve wanted and worked for might seem perfect but I think we can all relate to a moment when we have arrived to an almost there point. Maybe a decision wasn’t necessarily warranted but, perhaps, an acknowledgement? Or things look a bit different than we had expected it to and we needed to come to terms with it or pivot and move on. Right?

I write because I love to create worlds which aren’t all to far off from our own life. I write to find a place that envelopes me with wonder, hope, joy, love, romance, confidence and personal peace. I want this for my future readers, too.

I imagine someone opening up a book of mine one day and it feels like falling into a comfortable couch with a good friend that you can say anything to and feel safe. Soon, I’ll share these stories with you.

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Published by Stephanie Wiese

I write to find a place that envelopes people in a world of wonder, hope, possibility, joy, love, romance and peace. My stories give you a place of belonging. And, darling, you belong here.

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