Information overload

I am in the thick of trying to do things differently right now. I completed Atomic Habits and I have been using a habit tracker app to give me something tangible with the adjustments I’m making. Small, tiny adjustments meant to help me create a more manageable schedule (i.e. not wasting my time) to allow space to write. What habits am I tracking? Bible study, make the bed, morning dog walk, workout, study Spanish, work on writing. That on top of homeschooling my four kiddos and keeping them alive and entertained. I got this. I’m fine.

Also, don’t be too impressed – in following James Clear I am just currently showing up to a workout of 1-13 minutes right now. Also, I run on mucho coffee. See, Spanish lessons are working. I’m on week three-ish of these habits and they still feel meh at best.

But, I have to admit. I am beyond overwhelmed with writing. I had three strong possible books in the works. Ok, in my mind with partial parts scribbled in a notebook. And now that I’ve decided to jump on the Wanna-be-Author bandwagon and enlist Hope*Writers as my guide I am drowning in information. It’s rabbit hole after rabbit hole of learning and research and tools and books and videos.

I just want to write. Have you been in this place as a writer? The books I want to write seem iffy now. But, I will not give up. I want to complete one story. Maybe I’ll keep it at novella level. I will finish it even if I’m not in love with it because I just want to go through the process of making myself complete it and learn from it. It’s this analysis-paralysis?

Perhaps I need to step away from all the advice for a bit and use my writing time to write. Well, except for Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. That stays in my hand at all times.

Leave this freaked out newbie some words of encouragement because Lord knows I’m needing it right now!

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