Say it with me… Imposter Syndrome

I don’t like the way this sounds but I can sure relate. Oh, the joy and excitement I felt in saying the words, “I am a writer.” Such empowerment and pride and optimism. Then, the first time I sat down to my WIP, it hit me hard and fast.

Who on earth wants to read what I’m writing?

Will I even be noticed?

Do I even know what I’m doing?

I decided to give Hope*Writers a try by signing up for their $1 membership trial. Little by little I started to regain my confidence. I began a few courses, set up an IG account to connect to other writers and readers. A couple of sweet gals (Sarah and Chantal) reached out to me and offered the kindest words that became the pillars I didn’t realize I needed so badly.

I felt connected, inspired and real.

It isn’t the first time I’ve found myself at the start of something new that left me shaking at the knees with fear – being a missionary, college student, wife, counselor, mother, bible study leader. What I will always remember most vividly are the people who stepped forward to bring me alongside and talk down my anxiety. I am grateful for all the women who have done this for me over the past couple of weeks as I start my writer journey. Your kindness is noted, you’re encouragement taken to heart and your laughs echo deeply in my mind.

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Published by Stephanie Wiese

I write to find a place that envelopes people in a world of wonder, hope, possibility, joy, love, romance and peace. My stories give you a place of belonging. And, darling, you belong here.

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